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Where is the Money?

5 contestants, 5 safes. But Where is the Money?
Co-developed by Stefan Grebe and Eyeworks, Where is the Money? is a game of knowledge and bluff. But can you keep your cool and answer the question Where is the Money?

The show kept viewers hooked in Holland and Spain. And in 2005 it was nominated for a Rose d'Or.

In Holland it ran weekly on Saturday nights primetime as part of the lottery show.A clip of Bankgeheim, as it was known in Holland, can be found above right

In Spain the show ran on Tele-Madrid as a daily strip. Called La Caja Fuerte the format remained exactly the same as that which had run in Holland. A clip from the actual show can be seen also on the right.

The picture below is the promotional billboard for the show.

Where's the Money? is now available. 

Photo of 'Where is the Money?' sign on truck.
Photo of 'Where is the Money?' sign on truck.